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ZyroTek has the expertise, experience, and technology capabilities to offer end-to-end payroll processing services to Fortune 1000 companies as well as mid-sized companies.

Partner with your people for payroll

Are your people complaining about accuracy and transparency of the payroll management system? And you would like to involve them but unable to manage the complexities. ZyroTek Payroll has all the answers.

Cost and Time Savings

Frees up time which can be used to focus on other strategic business activities. Saves costs related to human resources required to calculate payroll in-house. Incorrect or late payroll processing or incorrect tax calculations or deductions can attract penalties from the government. This will be prevented by engaging the payroll processing services of ZyroTek which is always timely, consistent, and accurate.

Why ZyroTek?

We are the people delivering high quality service and solve the complexities of the business which is not the core stregth of our clients. Reliability and continuity of service. Opportunity for reduction of operating cost.

"Accuracy, Competency and Teamwork lead to Extraordinary Outcomes" is more than just a tagline.

Accuracy: ZyroTek doesn't just deliver. We over-deliver! Our team is an extended arm to our clients.

Competency: Our intellectual leadership is fueled by an endless pool of human resources. We are proud to be backed by our own college, setting us miles apart from the competition.

Teamwork: After our human capital is educated, these domain experts work hand-in-hand with our clients to create processes and map out the optimized requirements and expectations for each project..

Unique Payroll Processing Services.

We offer our clients a well-organized Payroll mechanism by ensuring that all the Payroll liabilities are correctly calculated according to the timesheet of our clients. We use state-of-the-art accounting software that complements the professional competence of our payroll processing team to give our clients most accurate and customized services. For maximum transparency and security, all production activities are undertaken from the client's portal. We also provide remote processing of fund allocation.

We specializes in payroll processing services and is a preferred partner for a substantial number of clients. We provide more than 99% accuracy in payroll processing.

We ensure confidentiality completely while providing transparent employee communication, meeting statutory requirements and doing basic payroll calculations, so as to provide end-to-end small business payroll processing.


With a workforce spread across locations, are you grappling with multiple payroll processes, numerous pay-components, and inconsistent tax handling? Alt Payroll is the solution for all your payroll requirements.

Meet the pay date, every time

Are your people complaining about accuracy and transparency of the payroll management system? And you would like to involve them but unable to manage the complexities. ZT Payroll has all the answers.

Preparation of Payroll

We use the software you are using for maintenance of payroll or the software you would prefer us to use. Quickbooks is the preferred third- party web-browsing tools that we can work with.

Setting up Business in India

A foreign Company can commence operations in India through the following routes: I. As an Indian Company. (1) Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India (2) Joint Venture in India (3) Limited Liability Partnership in India II. As a Foreign Company (1) Liaison Office in India (2) Branch Office in India (3) Project Office in India


Preparation of Monthly Salary Sheet.Deductions as per applicable laws like Income Tax, Provident Fund, Professional Tax etc. Computation and deposit of TDS, ESI, PF etc. Pay slip by password protected e-mail. Reimbursement of telephone, medical bills etc. Issue of Form 16 to employees. Periodic Reconciliation of payments.

Job Opportunities in USA

Expert service in handling US Immigration. Support on different USA Visas/ H1B CAP / Extension/ Transfers / amendments, LCA Management, Other Visa filings like H1, H4, B1, L1, L2, OPT, F1, CPT etc. Providing support in sending Legal Questionnaire to the applicants, along with checklist of documents; follow up with the applicants and obtain the same.

IT Staffing local and USA

Experts in using social networks and research to build an internal database and recruit passive candidates. Screening resumes. Partnering with hiring/Accounts managers/clients to determine staffing needs. Expert understanding of US Staffing industry and latest trends and technologies. Have good knowledge on US Tax Terms: C2C, 1099, W2.

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